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Royston Primary School Class Portrait 1956


About this memory

(Back Row) - I Skivington, R Tait, R Mounsey, R Rennie, C Aldbright, R Cowan, J Brown, ?, A Simpson, R Fobister, D Bryce.

(Second Back Row) - B Swan, V Scott, R Sinclair, S McPhee, C Rick, A Burns, M McCann, ?, C Kane, J Ramsay, J Bryce.

(Second Front Row) - E West, C Quinn, I Simpson, Y Johnstone, M Arthur, M Stewart, E Bell, ?, V Robertson, B Donaghue, M Meldrum, CA Sanderson.

(Front Row) - T Nicol, R Anderson, C Archibald, H Bowie, J Bankeman.

Teacher: Miss Simpson.

"Miss Simpson our teacher was very good and we were taught well with all our subjects, even took us to school camp. Happy memories." - Mrs A Banks [2020]

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