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Helen Crummy offering the gift of music

22nd February 2016

About this memory

The monument to Dr Helen Crummy, MBE, honours her work opening up music to the people of Craigmillar and for the Craigmillar Festival Society, and is also an inspiration showing what determination and strength of character can achieve.
Helen seated offers the bow to her son holding the violin inviting and enabling him to play. The lintel of the open door is inscribed with 'Let the people sing' (not in photo), and the open door is inscribed with 'History will be made when the people play their part'.
Behind the boy on the ground (not in photo) is a model of Craigmillar Castle and an open book, its left hand page inscribed 'Craigmillar now a fine place to be' and its right hand page 'Women tap the creative well'.
Crafted by Tim Chalk, the monument was erected in 2014, a welcome addition to the Edinburgh monument scene both for its positive message and because it is one of the few honouring women.

Author or artist: John Amoore

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