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William Chambers, Lord Provost and Edinburgh town planner

8th August 2016

About this memory

William Chambers (1800-1883) and his brother Robert moved to Edinburgh from Peebles setting up a bookshop and developing interests in printing and publication, contributing to Edinburgh's literary development. William served as Lord Provost, clearing slums, building new streets and widening High Street Closes. He developed the street that now bears his name.
The statue was the work of John Rhind, mounted on a sandstone plinth by HJ Blanc. It was erected in 1891 and until mid 2016 stood in the middle of Chambers Street. The pedestrian area in front of the National Monument of Scotland was widened and Chamber's monument moved onto this area, also making space for a monument to William Henry Playfair, erected in 2016 to a pattern similar to that of Chambers.

Author or artist: John Amoore



Chambers Street

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