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Living in Leith

Does anyone remember the Sikh families that lived in Tennant St? We lived in number 60, there were 8 of us in a 2 bedroomed house, we loved it. Our best friends were the Whalen family who also lived at the other end of Tennant St. My younger brother Johnny went onto an apprentice ship with Henry Robb Shipyards.
My name is Billy and I drove lorries for Leith Carting Company, and then Bonn Accord. We all would go to Pilrig Park. Sadly my dad died in a car accident in 1964.
We had great neighbours I remember Mrs Muir who lived upstairs, she would help my mum look after my 2 younger brothers. She would change their nappies and bathe them. Everyone got on so well. The kids went to Dr Bells School.
I would love to hear memories from that era and our street.

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