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The Edinburgh Close

22nd June 2017

About this memory

The Edinburgh close has always peaked my interest, the stories of nefarious pasts, of crime and grime to the modern day sunlit, lunchtime, tourist tours selling the shortbread tin version of Edinburgh.

In just the right light though... Jekyll and Hyde, Burke and Hare and Edinburgh's darkness can be seen. This is what intrigues me about Edinburgh, its a city with so many layers meaning there is something for everyone.

The close, a quick thoroughfare for the resident on their daily journey too and from work, and for the tourist, a portal to another time, another Edinburgh, a glimpse to a past they can only see in their imagination, or ... in the right light.

I took this photo to deliberately play with that light and shadow idea to show the close in a specifically dramatic way, perhaps the way those tourists imagine it once to have been.

Author or artist: Eli Appleby-Donald

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