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Forth Rail Bridge Lucky Pennies


About this memory

Travellers on trains crossing the Forth Rail Bridge would throw coins out of the carriage windows for good luck.
At low tide, pennies could be found on the sandy beaches, under stones in rock pools, in seaweed etc. My sister and I spent many Sunday afternoons beachcombing and digging for pennies on the beach. One Sunday afternoon in the mid 60s when the tide was far out, I found 6/- (72 pennies) on the beach at the Hawes Pier. An absolute fortune for a 6 year old! Some of the pennies were very discoloured so we used to soak them in jars of vinegar to remove the algae and green copper corrosion. When cleaned up, most of the pennies were spent in our local sweet shop on our way home from school.
There must be a treasure trove of old pennies on the seabed under the Rail Bridge.

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