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Kathleen Glancy - Milk deliveries by horse and cart.


About this memory

Kathleen remembers that milk was delivered daily by horse and cart.Sometimes we got a 'hurl' on the back if we helped deliver the milk.Ashes were scattered on Dean Path and Bells Brae in the ice and snow to prevent slipping.
The' rag and bone 'man would come once or twice a year and my mother would get her knives and scissors sharpened.
Another caller was the Provident or 'Provi' man.Folk joined the club similar to a Christmas club and it was a way to save for new clothes etc.
D'Angelo Capoldi was the favourite visitor in the summer months with his ice cream.He had a cafe in Stockbridge and in the early days came on motorbike ,his side car converted to hold the ice cream.If he ran out he went back along the riverside to refill and return.Soon he had a van and on a Friday night (pay night) there was always a long queue.
Although we had 4 shops in the village as I recall,Stockbridge had more fresh food shops and was a popular choice to walk along the Water of Leith to get fresh fish etc.

Author or artist: Siller, Martin - courtesy of Capital Collections

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