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Enter the Breaking the News photography competition 2022

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Add a photo of the community activity from your area to be entered into the Breaking the News photography competition and a chance to win afternoon tea for two.

The competition runs until 30 June 2022 and entries must be tagged with ‘BreakingTheNews’.

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Three Sisters And Family Friend In Back Garden At 28 Evan Drive In Giffnock 1946


About this memory

Sisters Irene Hilda Angus Dod (back), Dorothy Dod (left), and Eleanor Dod (right), with friend Betty (front).

"My Aunt Eleanor complains even now that they were given no warning their photo was being taken - 'I look like I've come throught the hedge backwards!'. The photographer's daughter is all neat and tidy, hair combed and smiling. Whereas Mum and Aunts look a bit rag-tag and are focusing off camera.

"The 'Dod Sisters' went on to get a reputation at school as going everywhere together. As wartime babies they had a hard beginning to life and grew up with rationing. Even I, a generation later, still have an ingrained necessity to eat everything on my plate whether I like it or not!" - Eoin Houston [son of Irene]

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