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Wartime in Edinburgh


About this memory

As far as I was concerned my father was away for the whole of the war, but he took me to school on my first day in 1945. He was on embarkation leave before a posting to Egypt. I have early memories of going to see my mother’s mother at Liberton Dams by the no18 Tram; it must have been before the end of the war because I remember on one occasion on the way back on a dark evening when the air raid siren sounded. The noise was horrible; it made your hair stand on end. I remember the conductor lowering the trolley and then shepherding us into the shelter on the Meadows. The whole of the Meadows was taken up by air raid shelters.
My mother, apart for looking after us, raised money for the war effort by selling war bonds door to door in our area, and I remember going round collecting with her.
The photo shows air raid shelters in Princes Street Gardens.

Author or artist: George Murray

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