The yellow markers show the Dean Village as it was, before, the major changes


About this memory

1943 - to the Village, which happened between 1962 and the mid 1980s.

House number 33 Dean Path is the stair where my House was.

Other Dean Path stair/ front door numbers were, 35, 36, 37, 39, 41, 43.

No., 33A Dean Path - ground floor -
Mr & Mrs Swan lived here with their son Malcolm & daughter Isobel
Mrs Cameron their 2 daughters Freda & Cathleen & Bobby Dunsmuir
Mr & Mrs Robertson and their daughter Lorna.

2nd Floor ---
Mr & Mrs Bain their 2 son's Raymond & Robert.
Mr & Mrs McKillop their 2 sons Billy & George.
Mr & Mrs Wood their daughter Sandra & their son George.

A total of 12 Adults and 11 Children lived in this tenement.

44 Dean Path -
On the ground floor, Molly Brash & George Loch, William Brash (his nickname was "Shote") lived in this tenement.
On the first floor, Mr & Mrs Philip, Mr & Mrs Flynn lived there along with their daughter Rita and their 2 son's Harry & Maurice.
6 Adults & 4 children lived in this tenement

SF - You could only enter the Stick Factory from the Broad Stairs. The factory had sharp saws and produced firewood (kindle) which they sold.

T - Legget's Tannery, Damside.

H - Legget's House, Damside.
S - Legget's Stables (where 2 Clydesdale horses at one time were kept).

BH - Baileys Hut belonged to the Edinburgh Town Council. The Bailey worked for the Council. He kept his working clothes/waders in the hut plus metal implements to fetch items (branches, trees, rubbish etc.,) out of the Water of Leith.

Author or artist: Gail Featherstonehaugh

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