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Margaret Lee - Mrs Burn's Shop Dean Path.


About this memory

Mrs Burn's ran the Shop which located in the centre of the Dean Village opposite the Children's Playground. Mrs Burn's Shop was one of 3 Shop's in the Dean Village. Mr and Mrs Burn's lived across the road to the right, in the middle stair of Dean Path Building's.

Above the Shop lived the Hynde's Family. Mr Hynde's often wrote in the Evening News about various snippet's. The Muir Family lived on the top floor.

The stone building to the left of the picture, behind the Lampost, there was a door, left of the stair entrance. Behind the door on the ground floor was Gail Featherstonehaugh's (No 33 Dean Path) Dad's Workshop which was shared by my Uncle Jimmy Lee (No's 43 & 50 Well Court).

The stair to the right, took you up to floor's where the Williamson and Boswell Family lived.

The stone built building to the right of Burn's Shop had a spiral stairway which had outside sink's positioned under the window's. Each sink was shared by two families. John Gallacher lived at the top floor with his Granny, Mum Gracie, and Dad Jock.

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