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Just a walk through sunny Leith - part 3


A poem by Peter Sellar

I see the Sali - an go marching past, wi big ‘Samson’ in the lead,
‘Doon Bangor Road’ tae their temple, where they prayed against man’s greed.
Along ‘Junction Road’, past Doccie Bells, kids puzzled by their maths,
Past the auld fire station, and the guid auld ‘Viccie Baths’.
A ‘shivery bite’ in Costa’s, a bag o chips was our ‘fast food’,
We scoffed them in a minute, by god they tasted good.
The Leither’s college ‘D.K‘ school, where the Keelie’s learned their skill,
Buy a ‘banana split’ at Angelosantos, just along from auld Todd’s Mill.
Behind the Caley station, stood Tancy Lee’s wee gym,
A boxer who won 3 Lonsdale Belts. Leith’s very proud of him.
Dockers gathered at dock gate all hoping to get jobs,
If they didnae git a ‘shooder tap’ they’d maybe get hired on at Robb’s.
The ‘Whisky Bonds’, that smelled so good, made ye thirsty for a nip,
Put a tanner bet on some auld nags, wi the Bookie in ‘The Ship’.
Up ‘Admirality’, said the Leither’s way, then along tae the Water o Leith,
And gaze doon at a’ the bonnie swans, wi the lemonade works underneath.
Up Mill Lane past Leith Hospital, and along tae Ferry Road,
Past the ‘Junction Bar, and the auld Toon Hall, and Leith Library’s abode.
Past the ultra modern State, with the snooker hall upstairs,
The Eldo where the dancers, do the ‘Eldo Dip’ in pairs
Along past old Leith Provie, where Leither’s liked to shop,
They gave a secret number and watched their ‘divvie’ mounting up.

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