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Potterow Port - Skaters

May 2016

About this memory

While passing Potterow Port I encountered two people filming and skating in the underpass on a summer day.
Some skaters were finding it hard to adjust with the new Bristo Square project underway but these two had a vision and a passion for their respective hobbies.

I've always loved this underpass. My first memories of walking past Potterow are as a child walking to the royal hospital for sick children to attend appointments. I remember being taken in by the urban art over the wall and my mother leading me through the underpass to see it.

Now this underpass is part of where I walk when I return home. I'm not too fond of underpasses, but this one just seems a little cosier to me. I've even found myself crossing the road just to go underneath it.

Taken on a Bronica SQ-Ai. 135W Pano back and Ilford HP5 film.

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