Filming The Huts

About this scrapbook

The Huts is a film showing how community huts impacted on the lives of local groups in Wester Hailes in 1984. It was one of the first documentaries made by Channel 4 and used drama, documentary and music to show the strength of the local community. As well as wanting to tell the story, Channel 4 involved local residents in shaping the content of the script and scenes. A collaborative partnership was formed between Turnstyle a small independent film company and the Wester Hailes Representative Council to put together the film. These photos were taken during the filming and were found as colour negatives in the Sentinel archive. The Sentinel was a community newspaper in Wester Hailes established in the late 1970s and producing a range of content and information for local residents.
You can find more information about The Huts on the From There To Here blog:

The Huts